What is Invisy?

Invisy is a search engine and browser extension that helps protect your anonymity and online. With Invisy, you can search the web, worry-free.

Does Invisy use SSL?

Absolutely. All traffic between your computer, and Invisy is SSL double-encrypted. The connection between your browser and the search results page, in addition to your search queries, are encrypted - not once, but twice.

We also ensure that any outside party that may try to intercept your search query is blocked from doing so.

How does the Invisy browser extension work together with the search engine?

The Invisy browser extension acts as another level of protection, in addition to the Invisy privacy-enhanced search engine.

You may have noticed that when you enter a search query into a popular search engine, you receive suggestions based on your individual keystrokes. This means that these keystrokes are being tracked, and could be shared with third-party companies to help them profile you for advertising purposes.

How can I temporarily disable Invisy?

You can temporarily disable (and re-enable) Invisy, as needed. Simply follow the steps below.

If you're using Chrome:
1. Click the menu icon at the top right of the browser, select "Tools" and choose "Extensions" to open a new "Options" tab.
2. Deselect "Enabled" to disable Invisy.

How do I uninstall Invisy?

You can uninstall Invisy by following these instructions.

Does Invisy prevent other sites from tracking me?

Yes - that is exactly what we do. Invisy purpose is prevent search engines from tracking or profiling you. Once you have left the search results page, we can no longer protect you from third-party tracking. VPN services are an option we would recommend you consider for this.