Secure your Personal Data
& Anonymity Online.

Use Invisy to search for the answers you need, securely. Simply type your question or key words into the search bar.

Invisy works behind the scenes to anonymize your request, and proxy the search. This activates immediately, ensuring that your search is 100% protected from trackers.

What you should know about online security:

The most popular search engines today collect user-data around search history and other online activity, and use this information for their own benefit by sharing it with advertisers.

This is how your personal information, security, and online activity can become public. Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo, store search history, and other information, for months without most users knowing.

How can you protect your personal information?

You can prevent these companies from tracking your activity online, and linking it to your personal data by allowing Invisy to redirect you to a privacy-enhanced search environment each time you use it.