Privacy Features

1.  Invisy interrupts unsafe searches you make online, and provides privacy-enhanced results.

Invisy is a search engine and browser extension. It helps protect your privacy and security online by blocking third-party websites, and other popular search engines, from tracking your activity. It also prevents these websites from storing your data for advertising purposes.

2.  Invisy prevents third-parties from logging your keystrokes.

If you enter a query on a popular search engine, without the protection of Invisy, your keystrokes can be tracked and logged. This is how these companies provide suggested searches. While this can seem like a convenient feature, it is primarily used to help them profile you. Invisy prevents this by blocking your keystrokes from being sent to any third-party.

3.  Invisy eliminates the connection between your searches and other online accounts.

The leading search engines collect sensitive personal information that is associated with other services they offer, such as email and social media. This additional data is used as part of the profile they build about you, especially if you remain logged into these accounts. Search queries can then be associated with your accounts, and shared with other third-party advertisers. With Invisy, you can rest assured that your search queries will not be tied to your email, or social profiles and accounts.

4.  Invisy does not collect information which can be used to identify or contact you.

Many websites log everything, as this is often a default status enabled by their servers.
Invisy does not retain personal information, nor do we keep logs that have personal information tied to searches.

5.  Invisy does not retain or share personal data.

Invisy does not collect, and thus will never share your data with a third-party. The only information that can be shared is the search query that you enter in Invisy, in order for us to provide relevant results.

6.  Invisy double-encrypts your queries with SSL.

When using Invisy, your search query is double-encrypted with an SSL implementation. This extra layer of protection shields our users from all too common online privacy or security breaches linked to decryption.

7.  Invisy is committed to your privacy and security.

Invisy is committed to protecting the security of any personal data. We use a variety of industry-standard security technologies and procedures to help protect your data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.