How Invisy Works

Searching the web is usually the first step to finding the answers you need.

Unfortunately, advertisers, hackers and even leading search engines like Google, Ask & Yahoo are taking advantage of the information you are sharing online when you search.


Use Invisy to search for the answers you need, securely. Simply type your question or key words into the search bar.


Invisy works behind the scenes to anonymize your request, and proxy the search. This activates immediately, ensuring that your search is 100% protected from trackers.


Fast, clean, and secure results delivered right to your search page. No more worrying about your personal data or anonymity online!

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Added Search Security, Full Protection.

Safeguard All Personal Data

Invisy ensures that none of your personal data is ever shared. The only information that can be shared is the search query that you enter in Invisy, in order for us to provide relevant results.

Maintain Anonymity Across The Web

Anonymity online is something Internet users cannot take for granted. With Invisy, you can browse worry-free, with the guarantee that advertisers cannot profile you.

Double-Encrypt Queries with SSL

This extra layer of protection shields our users from all too common online privacy or security breaches linked to decryption.

Declutter Your Browsing Experience

Enjoy a cleaner browsing experience with the Invisy search engine and browser extension. You'll get the results you're looking for, without sacrificing your personal information or security.